Katarzyna Kopanska-Blaszczyk (born 1.10.1967 Ostroda, Poland).
Polish painter, draftsman and graphic artist. She graduated the State High School of Fine Arts in Bydgoszcz and the Academy of Fine Arts in Cracow (graduated with honors in 1992). Kopanska studied painting, drawing and photography under professors Stanisław Rodziński, Zbylut Grzywacz, Jerzy Nowosielski, Teresa Kotkowska-Rzepecka, Juliusz Joniak, Józef L. Ząbkowski and Zbigniew Łagocki.
Kopanska's painting is characterized by "surreal air and atheistic mysticism, their exuberant cult of nature and coded symbols, while conducive to mental stability, perversely also give rise to a creative ecstasy that transforms everything that is ordinary and natural into a mythical story that delights in its exquisiteness".

Stanisław Tabisz, an excerpt from the catalogue for the exhibition Cat Drovers


2018 – Professor Juliusz Joniak and his students, Palace of Fine Arts, Cracow.
2011 – Sensuellabilder, works on paper, Abbekas Gallery, Abbekas, Sweden. Solo exhibition.
2009 – Young Girls in Flower, works on paper, Abbekas Gallery, Abbekas, Sweden. Solo exhibition.
2008 – Bright Pastures, painting, Raven Gallery, Cracow, Poland. Solo exhibition.
2005 – According to Johannes Angelus, works on paper, Abbekas Gallery, Abbekas, Sweden.
Internation Art Fair, Sollentune, Szwecja.
2001 – Cat Drovers, painting, Polska Institutet Stockholm, Sweden. Solo exhibition.
1999 – L'Art et les Animaux / Art and Animals, Bajek, Kopańska, Martini, Couleurs en Val Mosan, Huy, Pailhe, Belgium.
1999 – Yellow River, paintings and works on paper, Warsaw Financial Center, Warsaw, Poland. Solo exhibition.
1997 – Artistic Recommandations, Galeria Autorska Mariana Gołogórskiego, Dom Polonii, Cracow
1997 – Paintings and works on paper, Marian Gologórski Author's Gallery, House of Polonia, Cracow, Poland. Solo exhibition.
1996 – International Painting Triennial Sofia’96, Sofia.
1994 – Colour is my Hero, paintings and works on paper, Bernauer 111, Berlin. Solo exhibition.
1994 – New Memebers of ZPAP, Galeria Pryzmat, Cracow.
1993 – Meeting of Young Artists from Cracow Myślenice ’93, Myślenice.

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